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=air monsters=
The green pterodactyl with black eyes. Lives in deep holes of Cold Mountains.
Can belch fire out of his mouth and burn everything around.
The huge bee with the long sting. Can kill with the deadly poison. Lives in countless ways intervined under the ground.
Beware of small hills on the sand.
The giant dragonfly. Perfect eyesight helps him to see everything around...
...and kill then.
The flying head. Always invisible unless the sunlight is shining on his thin skin. So if you are making your way in darkness, alone...
...exert your ears.
=ground monsters=
The living mass of rock. Has a voice that beckons people right in the trap. Nobody can tell you what this voice sounds like.
Because this sound is the last you hear.
The four-legged cockroach. You won't escape from the bunch of that creatures.
Their attacks are sudden and deadly.
He's the harmless creature ...on the first sight. Using his long arms he can slash you to small pieces.
They are moving faster than your thoughts.
The giant earthworm. Digs under the buildings and destroy them. Can jump out the ground for a little time.
Grab and drag you under the ground.
The monster from the past. He can deafen with his devilish roar to death.
Cover your ears and run.
The walking piece of oak. The soul of old sorcerer has been installed into the lonely oak, living on the Dark Sea's bank.
He'll never know rest.
The skeleton of the ancient witch. May teleport herself to any place she've ever seen.
And as any witch, she can entice you in her shelter.
The slave of the Desert Lord. They hunt with a little groups, wrap you into a clew of their bodies and bring you back to his Lord.
The only hope is fire.
The daring dwarf. The Legend says: The Dark Emperor invited Joker to the party and the dwarf made him laugh. The Emperor has never laughed before. In reward, The Empereor gave the dark power to Joker.
It's only a Legend, but who knows...
The night stranger. Appears on the battlefields and feeds by souls of dead. At night time he has a head.
I wish you'll never see this head.
With his long hands he can burrow deep holes. Formerly he was a handsome guy who loved one witch. Once he wished to be always with that "woman".
His tream came true and now he's doomed to always be like this.
The part of the root of the Big Green Living Tree. The Tree is about twenty thousand years old. These little sprouts are very dangerous with their poison.
Just don't let them get bigger.
The human-feeding spider. He makes a cocoon of you in a matter of seconds. His motions is very fast.
Stay away from these creatures.
The black bewitched cat. He was a regular cat. But one witch picked him up and made him undying and evil.
Cover your face from his long claws.
The Death. One touch and you are dead.
Run away from him.
The flock of swarming insects. They are transmitting a disease, that turns anybody to a pile of mould.
All the Lepres came from those moulds.
He's a mutant made by elfs to use as vehicle. He has no head and ruling mindly. Usually he's loaded by different sorts of spells.
Beware of that cargo.
The usual evil brownie. Time of his hunting is night. Attacks when his victim is sleeping. So close all the windows and doors till the morning.
Because you may not awake...
The little wizzard. He was created from an ashes of a bunch of wizzards and has all of their powers.
The escaped prisoner of The Hell Prison. His legs was chained to the Stone of Pain.
He escaped having teared his legs off.
The piece of morass snag. When crashed, all pieces are still alive by themselves and then assemble back into the whole body.
The only hope is magic.
The old man who lives on hills, seek for alone walkers and lead them up to the dark caves.
Nobody knows what's next...
The giant monster made of plants. Gets the energy from the sunlight. Not dangerous in the night time. Disguising himself as any plant.
Attacks suddenly.
The insect-monster. Using his sharp upper extremities, he slashes the victim and drag it to the trees. Then he either eats the victim or feeds his youngs.
Kills instantly.
The dinosaur's mouldy sceleton. Feeds by people's emotions getting them emotionally drained. As a result of this, people are dying.
Can't touch you when you are sleeping.
The ghost from another reality. We can see him only in flat black color. Everybody who touched by Shadow, transports in his reality and will never able to come back.
The ghost is harmless on a diffused light or at the night time.
Holds the healthy energy. Treats all the nearest monsters.