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Some Tips & Tricks.

- Upgrade your tower. Towers start at level zero, which is not very strong
  but the more you upgrade them they stronger they become.
  It is better to have a single upgraded tower than many low level towers.

- If you have more than 100 gold after any location, every next hundred of
  gold converts into one inhabitant. New people will be coming during the
  next battle.

- You can sell towers in the last Raid of each location to return gold and
  employ people.

- Click on monser to select it. Towers will attack selected monster first.

- Try to destroy Sorcerers first. They treat nearest monsters.

- It's important where you will build your tower. Find the best place.

- The green circle shows the attack range of each tower.

- While monster is on fire, the Flame won't attack him.

- Each monster kills 1 to 3 inhabitants. It depends on its health.
  Except for big monsters. They will kill more people.

- If monster is almost dead (has low health), he may kill nobody.
  The more Peoples' Resistance Skill is upgraded, the more health monster
  need to kill at least one inhabitant.

- Monsters have armor. If tower's damage is less than monster's armor
  then damage = 0.

- Press F8 button to make a screenshot.