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=main towers=
Land tower.
Attacks ground monsters only.
This tower has large damage and attack range.
Shots with cannon-balls.
10 levels to upgrade.
Magic tower.
Attacks air monsters only.
Shots with clots of magic energy.
5 levels to upgrade.
Attacks both air and ground types of monsters.
Also it can poison monsters for a short time.
To make this tower poison monsters, you have to upgrade Poison Magic.
Shots with arrows.
10 levels to upgrade.
=additional towers=

Ice rock.
Attacks both types of monsters.
To build this tower, you have to upgrade Freeze Magic.
The tower slows enemies down.
Shots with ice-balls.
5 levels to upgrade.
To build Flames, you have to upgrade Fire Magic.
This tower can be placed on the road.
This tower will burn unit that walks through it.
Upgrade Fire Magic to increase damage and duration of the Flame.
3 levels to upgrade.


This is a new tower, that appears in the Burning Desert.
You can place it above any point of the road.
The Balloon drops bombs on monsters from above.The bombs have a small area
of effect that will hit all monsters inside its range. You cannot increase its range,
but if you place points into Cold Magic, your balloon’s bombs
have a small chance to stun monsters as well.
Has no levels to upgrade.